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La Cicala Grant

We are pleased to announce a grant to Inês d'Avena and her baroque ensemble La Cicala to help them record a second CD of previously unrecorded 18th century Neapolitan compositions.

During 10 years of work, 5 years on her Ph.D., Inês has found an abundance of recorder works (sonatas, concertos, sinfonias, cantatas, serenatas and arias from operas) in manuscript form. We are pleased to help Inês add a small portion of these works to the recorded repertoire and strongly hope she is able to add more in the future.

We are pleased to report La Cicala released the CD "Naples 1759" in late 2015.

Please visit the La Cicala website where you can sample their recordings.

You'll be able to enjoy some wonderful music and support Inês in her work by buying one of their CD's.