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ES Early Music Projects

2016 Projects

In September 2015, we thought the project to help Scaramuccia record their debut CD, to include a previously unrecorded work by Vivaldi, to be important enough that we moved our 2016 budget forward to make a grant to Scaramuccia.

We are pleased to report Scaramuccia's CD "Antonio Lucio Vivaldi: Nuove Sonate" was released in mid-2016. The CD was featured on a program on ConcertZender Nederland on July 17, 2016. We are very pleased with the outcome and consider this project a complete success.

2015 Projects

In May 2015, we were pleased to provide support to Inês d'Avena and her baroque ensemble La Cicala to record a CD of previously unrecorded 18th century Neapolitan compositions.

We are pleased to report that La Cicala released their CD "Naples 1759" in late 2015. We are pleased with the outcome of our support and consider this project a complete success.

2014 Projects

In May 2014, we were proud to provide support to the Amsterdam Corelli Collective to enable them to perform at the MAfestival Brugge 2014.

We were pleased to see that Amsterdam Corelli Collective had a very active performing schedule in 2015.